Friday, February 12, 2010

Gimp Life

As I finished writing my post on Wednesday (February 12th) there was a sense of calmness that came over me. Writing about what has happened to me over the last nine and a half years and the feelings that I have experienced has given me a bit of peace. The calmness I felt on Wednesday was short lived. I got up from my kitchen table and took three steps, and on the third step I heard/felt a crack. Immediately I thought “oh shit, I just broke my foot.” I tried to walk it off and was able to do so until my adrenaline stopped. I looked down to see a large bulge protruding from my foot. As I was sitting in the ER I kept thinking about how I just wrote “everything happens for a reason” and then this happens. I then thought about the chain of events that started Monday night. I was supposed to fly to Baltimore on Tuesday, but on Monday night I got a call from the airline that the flight was canceled and postponed till Thursday because of weather. Wednesday morning I was watching the weather knowing that I probably was not going to fly out on Thursday so I was going to flip my trip around and start with my ending city first, Boston, and then go to Baltimore on the 19th. After finding flights and finishing up my blog post, I fractured my foot and could not go on my trip even if the weather cleared up. So here I am typing with a fractured 5th metatarsal and a severe ankle injury. I am in a beautiful black cast up to my knee and not able to walk for the next three weeks. In three weeks I am scheduled for a cast change where I might get another cast or granted a beautiful moon boot. There is a possibility that if I am not healing correctly I might need surgery to fix the fracture, I will know more in three weeks. I am in possession of crutches and a grandma walker, but both of these helpful aides aren’t so helpful when you cannot put pressure on a fused wrist. So I have been hopping around my house on one foot hoping that I do not fall and break something else. Now I on looking at renting one of these fine pieces of gimp equipment Oh life, you keep me on my toes. Life happens. Life happens beyond our control. I have three weeks of nothing to do and I could sit here and try to figure out why things happened this week or nine and a half years ago, but I am not. Life is better and more exciting when it is not planned out. Though I would be content without having a fractured foot and would be extremely happy if I was in the company of my friends on the other coast.

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